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It’s becoming more and more popular for organisations to enhance their

communications with video content that can be shared.

What is a video press release? It’s just how it sounds - a way to tell your PR story in a video rather than words on a page.

Here are five reasons why a video press release can improve the reception as well as the reach of your message:

1. It speaks to your audience

Let’s face it, we’re all time poor, and often having the option to watch a quick

informative video instead of reading a page or two of copy is an awesome time saver. A good video allows a viewer to quickly connect with a brand and often helps them recall information more readily when next making a decision about their preferences in a particular market.

2. News crews can cover on TV

As it’s a pre-prepared “grab", news teams can easily use your supplied video instead

of having to start from scratch or begin with a standard press release. This can save them time, resources and money. This can work really well for regional, national and global stories.

3. It's more personal

A video announcement allows your spokespeople to be communicating with your

current and potential clients and the media in a lively and conversational format.

4. You can be more social

You can post your video on your organisation’s relevant social media, so that even if

it’s not picked up by traditional media, your message is not lost – it will get exposure to a large audience online especially if it’s good enough to be shared.

5. It showcases your talents

Often it’s hard for journalists to tell if your CEO, CFO or MD are “good talent” for

their media outlet and their audience. Showing your key spokesperson in a quick,

relevant video may help put them and your company in the minds of your target media for their next story on your sector.

We’re here to help if you would like more information on how a video press release could enhance your organisation’s PR strategy this year.

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