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If you aren’t on LinkedIn, you are missing out.

The platform has quickly become the most important social website in the corporate world with millions of users accessing the site each day to stay up-to-date with the latest industry news, business development and career progression of their connections.

While it is the perfect place to source commercial goss, LinkedIn also plays an important role in raising individual’s profiles, brand awareness and product promotion, and couples as a search engine for prospective employers on the hunt for new recruits. But that’s not all.

We have put together a short list of the primary reasons why it is important to keep your profile up-to-date, and to frequently check your feed. Here it is:

1. It is a hive of activity

LinkedIn is a melting pot of knowledge. Businesses, industry leaders, academics and all kinds of other professionals use the site to share news about their companies, ventures and projects each day. Following these people will broaden your knowledge of what is happening in the fields of your interest. Learn about the latest gadgets, see what your competitors are doing and absorb as much knowledge as possible. After all, knowledge is power.

2. Boost in brand awareness

With millions of users accessing the social platform every single day, LinkedIn is quickly becoming a great place to market yourself, company or product and services. The site works much the same as Facebook where you can upload photographs, videos, website links and text to your profile for all your connections to see. Companies can also create their own standalone profile to do the same thing. It is an easy way to showcase your work, build your reputation and really sell yourself as a trusted business. LinkedIn profiles are also among the first results that show up in a Google search, which is an added bonus in terms of exposure. At Profiler PR, we manage a handful of our client’s LinkedIn accounts and strategically use them to share articles, photographs and other forms of content to boost brand awareness and draw people to the client’s profiles, and then to their websites. It is very effective tool for promotion.

3. Recruitment possibilities are endless

Whether you are an employer looking to fill a position or a jobseeker looking to change up your career, LinkedIn is the ideal place to start looking. Your profile is effectively an electronic resume that lists all your previous and current roles, board positions, charity involvements, volunteering and so on. Employers will be able to sift through that experience and quickly see whether you would be a nice fit for their company. The network also sends frequent job advertisements that align with your listed experience straight to your inbox. It’s also a great place to obtain quick and easy recommendations from people you have worked with who can vouch for your work.

4. You will remain connected

One of the downfalls of leaving one job and starting a new one is that we often lose contact with our colleagues and connections. But LinkedIn has put an end to that. All you have to do is search the name of your former workmates or contacts, go to their profile and click ‘connect’. This will send an invitation to connect to that person and, upon accepting, you are back in touch. It’s also a great place to reconnect with lost contacts who you might need in your next role. Profiler PR also uses this aspect to build our client’s network and, in turn, maximise exposure of the content we create and post on their behalf.

If you would like assistance in creating, managing and monitoring a LinkedIn profile for you or your business, or assistance with content development, get in touch with us via

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