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It’s late January and although your personal resolutions may have fallen to the way

side, it’s not too late to set your PR resolutions for the New Year.

Here are our top three:

Resolution 1: Ensure our Key PR messages are on point

Towards the end of last year you may have noticed some wear out in your key messages, but ran out of time to revisit them. Now is the time to review how you are communicating with key audiences and revise if necessary. Once set, don’t forget to make sure everyone in your organisation is aware of any changes so your brands messages stays tight.

Resolution 2: Ensure our PR Strategy fits our corporate goals

This is also a great time to check that your PR strategy matches the company’s strategic plan and focus. If separate teams a meeting with Marketing to review their plans will help to ensure you present a cohesive image to market and leverage opportunities for maximum exposure.

Resolution 3: Restructure our team to ensure PR is second to none

New Year, new structure? This is the time to check you are utilising your communications team’s skills in the right way. Are you missing any core skills or contacts? Review what’s working and what’s not, and consider hiring in or upskilling your team to ensure you have the best team to enable you to reach your audiences in the right way and across all mediums.

Your New Year’s PR Checklist:

1. What are our key messages and do they need revising?

2. Does our PR Strategy align with our Corporate & Marketing Strategies?

3. Are our spokespeople identified, available, and adequately media trained?

4. Do any of our communications team need to upskill in any areas such

as writing, product knowledge, or social media?

5. Do we need to reallocate our internal resources to ensure our PR goals are met and/or exceeded?

6. Should we hire an agency to complement our team’s skills or manage any projects?

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