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More Positive Media Opportunities: The Silver Lining of COVID-19

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

It’s hard to remain optimistic during these trying times, we get it. The Coronavirus has changed every corner of the world as we know it – from retail precincts and food outlets to exercising, communicating with family and friends, and how we do business. There is no denying that pretty much every industry has been impacted by #COVID19.

Among the hardest hit has been our sports leagues, evident in the cancellation of a number of events including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the delayed starts to the AFL and Rugby League seasons, and even grassroots community sports games. While there is no denying the devastating impact this invisible enemy has had on our country and the economy, there is a silver lining: it has resulted in freed up space in the media.

As the curve for the number of reported cases in Australia starts to flatten, there is a large appetite from the media for positive news stories to boost the spirits of the nation during this difficult time – and to equally help fill pages left barren after the cancellation of our annual sporting/entertainment schedule.

Television, radio and print publications are searching for case studies of clients who are pivoting their business during the crisis, who are using innovative technologies and new practices to continue – and often, boost their business during the crisis. They are also seeking new voices to offer context and insight into the pandemic, to comment on current trends and where they see businesses heading as we emerge from COVID-19.

Our team at Profiler PR have been working with a number of fantastic clients who are doing just this – pivoting their business model to allow for continued operation and growth, providing their clients and stakeholders with certainty that business will continue during these tough times, and offering key people within their organisations to provide a fresh perspective on relevant issues at hand.

Our job has been to assist them with developing key messages to position their spokespeople as leaders in their respective fields and providing trusted advice on a broad range of issues that can assist not only their clients, but the broader population to come out on top.

Further, the Profiler PR team has been working tirelessly to leverage our strong relationships with journalists across the nation to achieve positive news stories about our clients who are doing great things and proving that expansion, growth and resilience can be achieved no matter the current economic landscape. That there is always opportunity to succeed and that pivoting is crucial to survival. Our clients are industry leaders, thought provokers, and survivalists. We are proud to help them share their messages and their stories with audiences in every nook and cranny around Australia. Proving that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

So, how could you be positioned with the media as an expert in these times?

- Comment on trends in your sector – including highs, lows, innovations

- Outline how your business has adapted or “pivoted” amidst COVID-19

- Identify a trend such as working from home with your spouse

- Make a prediction on how your industry will move out of this lockdown

- Have an opinion on how the pandemic is being handled for your industry

At Profiler PR we are experienced and passionate about positioning businesses for growth via targeted public relations. If you need help with how to put yourselves in the position to shine amid COVD-19, reach out to us via

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